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January 2014

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Wed., January 8, 2014
Special Meeting Place:

Phelps Community Center

8 Banta St., Phelps, NY

Set-up & Clean Up Responsibilities
Please follow this link to procedures about the set-up and clean-up of the meeting space.

Meeting Etiquette
To further the enjoyment of everyone during Business Meetings and Programs, Lectures and Trunk Shows, please turn all cell phones OFF or set to VIBRATE. If you need to take a call please leave the meeting area for the duration of the conversation.

Also, please be considerate of others who wish to listen during the meeting by keeping personal conversations to a minimum.

Some of our members are sensitive to strong fragrances and would appreciate it if colognes would be foregone on meeting days.

President Val Schultz

Past President
Mary Grimaldi

Vice President Sally Acomb
Secretary Florene Meredith
Treasurer Cheryl Jordan
Members-at Large
Kate Wylie
Caren Betlinski
Sunshine Marcie Williams
In House Programs
Gail Williams 
National Programs
Bobbi Beckhorn
Sally Kasulke
Newsletter Dawn Dennis 
QCNYS Delegate
Ann Hawkins
Gail Holmes
Jeanette Howe 
Historian Joy Lethbridge
Librarian Marie Peek 
Flo's Baby Quilts
Dorothy Richardson
Cathie Blackwell
Dolls & Animals

Opportunity Quilt
Joan Danaher, Raffle Ticket Sales 
Janet Wilhelm, Pattern 
Mystery Quilt Lisa Woodworth
Fabric Exchange Mona Fox

Secret Pal Gail Holmes

Block of the Month

Round Robin Joan Danaher 

Quilt Show Ann Hawkins

Flo Meredith

A reminder - The January meeting will be held January 8th at the Phelps Community Center. Please check the special notice that was sent for directions and parking instructions; note too that we have the space only until 2:00 PM as other groups use the space later in the day.

We have a joint decision to make regarding the organization that will receive a donation from the proceeds of the 2014 raffle quilt ticket sales. Please bring your written suggestions of appropriate organizations to the January meeting – this should include the official name of the organization, its’ location and a brief description of the services provided. Those of you who are unable to attend the January meeting may send your suggestions to our Member-at-Large representatives (Caren Betlinski and Kate Wylie).

The complete list of suggestions will be published in the next newsletter and we will make the final choice at the February meeting.

New York State mandates that a minimum of 1/3 of net proceeds (where the net is equal to no more than $5000) from a raffle must be donated to a charitable organization. The net proceeds are determined by deducting the material costs of the quilt plus the cost of postcards and the tickets themselves from the gross ticket sales. The amount to be donated will be determined after ticket sales are complete.

Happy New Year!
Piecefully, Val

Lake to Lake Agenda
9:00 AM Board meeting
10:00 AM Business meeting

  • Welcome –

  • Guest/New?

  • Minutes

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Special - Possible recipients of raffle quilt proceeds

  • FQ Drawing

  • Committee Reports

  • Show & Tell

12:00 – 2:00 PM The meeting room is available for our use until 2:00 PM


Please use this link to the Honorary Member Nomination Form  We will be taking nominations in February and voting on this either in person or by absentee ballot at the March meeting.  More information coming soon.


By-Laws: We are attaching the text of the Article III Membership section of our By-Laws along with the Procedure and Guidelines sections as approved at the last meeting. My intent was to have the simplest form possible. If there are any issues with what was approved, we can revisit them and amend as needed. Thank you for your support. I know that By-Laws are a drag for most people, but NY State requires that we have this
for our 501 (c)3 status. Work will continue by committee emails on other sections as some of us will be in (hopefully) sunnier and warmer climes soon. Sally A.

Click here for the Article II Membership section

Link to Minutes

Please click here for Meeting Minutes


December 2013 Treasurer Report

Savings – 6407
Checking 1099.90

Deposits – 33.00 fat quarter raffle
25.00 one new member

Payments – 50.00 Gorham Church
66.96 ARC of Yates for quilt raffle tickets & entry form copies
48.33 Ann Hawkins – reimb for quilt photo cards & newsletter mailing


We have a nice program started for afternoon events after our guild meetings, so plan on bringing a lunch and having some afternoon fun.

  • January - Ann Hawkins is going to do a tutorial on preparing a sleeve for a quilt and in general giving information on preparing a quilt for a show.

  • February - Marie Peek is going to have a trunk show.

  • March - Stay after the meeting and make more postcards for the Quilt Show. Marie Peek is going to help us with this. We might even be able to sneak in a few for ourselves.

  • April - We will have a trunk show with Pat Pauly.

  • May - Jean Krantz is going to have a class on her iron tote. I think this might be a good early project for Christmas gifts.

  • June - Mary Grimaldi is going to have a class on her sweet little dress towel. I also think this might be a winner for early Christmas projects.

  • July - because of the 4th is on wait and see.

  • August - Ann Hawkins has kindly agreed to spend the afternoon helping us make Temari (Japanese string balls). Again, Christmas for gifts or the tree.

As we get closer to each event, I will supply you with a list of items to complete each project. At this rate we are going to have some nice items set aside for the holidays next year.

We have a nice program in place for most of the year, as we get closer to fall we can decide what we would like to make for Halloween and Christmas. If any of you have a project in mind that you would like to make or a class you would like to teach please send me an email.

Think of this as afternoon quilting camp where every kid (you and I) goes home with a handmade goodie.

See you in the New Year, Gail Williams


Pat Pauly is coming to the April 2014 meeting for a trunk show and a class on Thursday, April 3, 2014. Sign up has already begun, we need to fill the class as soon as possible. We will be opening it up to outsiders soon. Bobbi Beckhorn, Sally Kasulke,


Pat Pauly is a textile artist and an exhibition designer.  In 2004 she was the designer and curator of 100 historical quilts at the show entitled " Quilts Uncovered: Treasures from the Genesee County Village and Museum". Her studio is in Rochester, N.Y. and she is also well recognized as a contemporary quilter, lecturer and teacher. Take a look at her website,, for further information. Our tentative choice for her lecture is, "Traditional meets Contemporary" A look at the Heritage of Traditional Quilts and their influence in Contemporary Design" and the tentative workshop choice is " The Big Leaf: Using Freezer Paper Templates for design. 


Sunshine to be spread? Marcy

Here's Clue #3  Lisa Woodworth, 

Bloom Where You're Planted - Spring Into Color Quilt Show 2014

Friday, May 16th and Saturday, May 17th

Information packets were handed out at the December meeting. We will attempt to deliver the rest at the next meeting and are starting to look for volunteers in January also. Looking forward to showing you the Phelps Community Center at the next guild meeting and talking a little more about the Show. 


Plan to stay after lunch.  I will be showing a method of sewing a sleeve on the back of a quilt.  If you have a sleeve waiting to be sewn on - bring it to the meeting and sit around and sew!!

Ann Hawkins  315-531-8805

Please remember to pick up your raffle tickets from me as soon as you can. And, be thinking about when you can take the quilt and sell some tickets to help the guild. I will have a calendar with me at January's meeting so that I can sign you up.


Are there groups, events or places you would be able to sell and display our beautiful quilt? Be thinking. I'll probably come see you and put a "bug" in your ear!!!! Many thanks. Joan Danaher 585-393-1956 or 

Challenge yourself this year and join in the fun! If you are going to participate in the Round Robin this coming year, please let me know either before the next meeting or at the next meeting. There is nothing else you need to do. Your center piece will be due in February. I'll have all the particulars at January's meeting. Remember it is just 2 borders a month.
Thanks. Joan Danaher 585-393-1956 or

We currently have 15 people signed up for this monthly exchange.

The strips of Batiks should work very well with all your 10" squares. January's batik fabric should be some shade of taupe or brown. You will need to bring 15 strips of fabric for this exchange. These should be 2 1/2" wide by the width of the fabric. Remember to wash and press your fabric prior to cutting. Buy good quality fabrics.

Since we will be at the Phelps Community Center in January, please look for where the exchange bags will be lined up.

The fabric will be:
January ----------- Taupe/Brown patterns
February----------- Pinks / Peach
March-------------- Greens
April ---------------- Purples

If you have any questions, please call Mona Fox at (315-781-2222) or email at

2014 Quilters Travel Club Passports will be on sale at the next meeting for $5.00.  Enjoy a year filled with beautiful quilts and fun! At each show Travel Club Passport holders ONLY are eligible to win a special gift basket by the Quilt Guild or organization sponsoring the Show.  Visit 8 of the 15 shows and be entered to win one of two grand prize giant bags filled with quilters goodies sponsored by the participating businesses and QCNYS.  Visit 10 of the 15 shows and enter to win the super grand prize of a mini retreat at The Upstairs Inn at O'Susannah's Quilts in Watkins Glen.  See Gail Holmes at the meeting to purchase your Passport!

My name is Judi Dechau. I have been unable to come the last few months but hope to see many of you at the January meeting. I am making denim quilts to give to the homeless in our area. I am in need of denim!! It doesn’t matter the color (blue, green, brown Carhart, purple) or condition, (broken zippers, holes, frayed) no problem. I am going to cut them up anyway. Also flannel sheets for the backing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Judi 585-721-0801


Do you have something for sale?  Use this newsletter to let other quilters know about it!

Submit quilt and fiber related articles for sale to


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