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April 2014

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Wed., April 2, 2014

Set Up: Gail Holmes, Val Schultz
Clean Up: open
Snacks: Bobbie Beckhorn, Sally Acomb
Greeters/FQ: Gail Holmes, Joan Danaher

Set-up & Clean Up Responsibilities
Please follow this link to procedures about the set-up and clean-up of the meeting space.

President Val Schultz

Past President
Mary Grimaldi

Vice President Sally Acomb
Secretary Florene Meredith
Treasurer Cheryl Jordan
Members-at Large
Kate Wylie
Caren Betlinski
Sunshine Marcie Williams
In House Programs
Gail Williams 
National Programs
Bobbi Beckhorn
Sally Kasulke
Newsletter Dawn Dennis 
QCNYS Delegate
Gail Holmes
Ann Hawkins

Jeanette Howe 
Historian Joy Lethbridge
Librarian Marie Peek 
Flo's Baby Quilts
Dorothy Richardson
Cathie Blackwell
Opportunity Quilt
*Insert Your Name Here* for

Raffle Ticket Sales and


Joan Danaher, Keeper of the Quilt 
Janet Wilhelm, Pattern 
Mystery Quilt Lisa Woodworth
Fabric Exchange Mona Fox

Secret Pal Gail Holmes

Round Robin Joan Danaher 

Quilt Show Ann Hawkins

Flo Meredith

Patricia’s quilt show, a most dependable harbinger of Spring, was in full swing March 15th with a lovely display of quilts including our own raffle quilt. Dorothy Richardson and I spent the day chatting with friends and meeting new folks. At one point in the afternoon a Perinton Guild member bemoaned the fact that she had come with no cash so was unable to purchase a raffle ticket. Dorothy suggested that perhaps her friend would buy one for her. There was an odd little pause as it became clear she had come alone and then, with a smile, a nearby woman said she would be happy to do just that and purchased tickets for both of them – quilter’s truly are a sharing folk.

The choice of Milly’s Pantry as recipient of a portion of the proceeds has been well received, many commented on it being reason enough to support the raffle and there were even a few outright donations.

The raffle has had a good week - Bobbie Beckhorn sold tickets at a dinner, it traveled to Patricia’s and then on to Greece where Gail Holmes offered the tickets at the QCNYS meeting.

You will notice that once again the Hospitality tasks are not filled. Please consider volunteering to clean up after the April meeting, it does not take long and is a necessary responsibility.

Piecefully, Val

Lake to Lake Agenda
9:00 AM Board meeting/starred items
10:00 AM Business meeting

  • Welcome –

  • Guest/New?

  • Minutes

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • VP - Quilting Tips, Bylaws

  • FQ Drawing

  • Committee Reports

  • Show & Tell

Afternoon: Trunk Show by Pat Pauly


Honorary Member
Janet Howard has been chosen as the 2014 Lake to Lake Honorary Member. Following the vote in March Jan was presented with a certificate of lifetime membership and a gift certificate to a local quilt shop. In keeping with guild tradition Jan and Marie Peek will share the Honorary Member space at the 2014 quilt show.

A member since 1990, Janet was the very first Lake to Lake Librarian. Janet is also our liaison with the church and as such is the first to arrive and last to leave at each meeting, gently guiding setup and cleanup activities and overseeing the kitchen. Janet also monitors the PO Box and ensures that guild mail is available at each meeting.

Congratulations to Jan for being honored in this manner by fellow guild members. The unflagging dedication and service Jan has provided to the guild is well deserving of this recognition.


Meeting Etiquette
To further the enjoyment of everyone during Business Meetings and Programs, Lectures and Trunk Shows, please turn all cell phones OFF or set to VIBRATE. If you need to take a call please leave the meeting area for the duration of the conversation.

Also, please be considerate of others who wish to listen during the meeting by keeping personal conversations to a minimum.

Some of our members are sensitive to strong fragrances and would appreciate it if colognes would be foregone on meeting days.


It certainly has been a couple of months for good quilting! I hope everyone is staying warm as I see our open lake water is now iced over again this morning. I am reading and working on the By Laws to ready the Nomination portion of the laws for voting. This will need to be done before we can elect new officers so please send me any input on this topic. We will have some round table discussions on this topic after the May meeting if time allows.

I look forward to receiving your sewing tips at the next meeting as well!

Thanks, Sally

Link to Minutes

Please click here for Meeting Minutes.

Activity from March 5, 2014


Savings – $6408.50

Checking – 1355.90


Deposits -
$27 – Fat quarter raffle
$121.00 Quilt raffle ticket sales

Payments -
$50 Church Rent
$25 Honorary Member Gift Certificate
$8.40 – Postage for mailed newsletters
Cheryl Jordan


Bloom Where You're Planted - Spring Into Color Quilt Show 2014

Friday, May 16th and Saturday, May 17th


Add these to your Quilt Show checklist of things for the April meeting:

  • REGISTER YOUR QUILT FOR THE SHOW! Bring your Quilt Registration forms - give them to Sally Acomb or Dawn Dennis

  • Don't forget your Quilt Appraisal form and Bed Turning Forms, give them to Flo Meredith. We need more!

  • Take Quilt Show posters and bookmarks to display in your community and give them to friends.

  • Sign up to take posters and bookmarks to area Quilt Shops.

  • Sign-up to work at the Quilt Show! Please check the sign-up boards.

  • Are you selling at the Gift Gallery? Bring your form and give it to Jean Kranz


Sally Acomb is accepting the online registrations for the quilt show and has only received one as of yet. Snail mail entries can be sent to Dawn Dennis or personally given to Dawn or myself at the April Meeting. We encourage EVERYONE to participate. Do not be shy; one grows so much when you enter your work into the show. Even just a little quilt will work. Make a mini! There is still time to send in the registration and then complete the quilt. The more quilts we have the better our show is and I know that we have had many more Show and Tell items than what I have for entries!



Quilts Needed!  Please sign-up at the March meeting and pick-up paper work. The paper work has to be turned in at the April meeting along with enter forms of quilts with pictures for the show.
Any questions contact Flo Meredith, 607-532-8733

RAFFLE TOTE BAGS (instead of baskets)
In anticipation of the donations for the raffle bags I brought in a gray tote. It was a GOOD thing too. It will be there again in April and May.The fat quarters for the consortium bag are beautiful... over 30 donated so far. the scrappy bag has a jellyroll book and a few scraps. the other bags are well on their way to being filled. I am so amazed by how much everyone is doing. Thank you mucho, Dorothy Richardson


Hope everyone is busy making flowers. We have collected just over 450 so far. They are beautiful!!!!! 
We only have the April and May meetings to get them ready for the show.
Our goal is for 800 flowers. Please bring any finished flowers you have to the next meeting.
If you need pins or backs they will be available at the meeting. If your flowers are complete except for the pins, I will be glad to finish them for you. Your efforts are really appreciated!!!!!!!! Mona



If you plan to sell items at the Gallery, please see Jean Kranz.
You will need the form and a Seller Number and instructions regarding the pricing tag.



As you know after the April meeting we will be having a trunk show with Pat Pauly.

But after the May meeting Jean Krantz is going to have a class on her iron tote. She has supplied us with a list of materials that we will need to complete this project. I thought you might like to have it early so that you can begin to collect the supplies you will need. Along with the materials that Jean has listed you will need your sewing machine, scissors, etc. Click here for the materials list.

  • April - We will have a trunk show with Pat Pauly.

  • May - Jean Krantz is going to have a class on her iron tote. I think this might be a good early project for Christmas gifts.

  • June - Mary Grimaldi is going to have a class on her sweet little dress towel. I also think this might be a winner for early Christmas projects.

  • July - because of the 4th is on wait and see.

  • August - Ann Hawkins has kindly agreed to spend the afternoon helping us make Temari (Japanese hand balls). Again, Christmas for gifts or the tree.

NATIONAL TEACHER - Bobbi Beckhorn and Sally Kasulke

Pat Pauly is coming to the April 2, 2014 meeting for a trunk show and a class on Thursday, April 3, 2014. Please contact Bobbi Beckhorn at or 607-592-0449 . We still have some openings for this class but we have opened enrollment to others who might be interested. Please let us know if you want your name added to the class list.

Pat Pauly is a textile artist and an exhibition designer. In 2004 she was the designer and curator of 100 historical quilts at the show entitled " Quilts Uncovered: Treasures from the Genesee County Village and Museum". Her studio is in Rochester, N.Y. and she is also well recognized as a contemporary quilter, lecturer and teacher. Take a look at her website,, for further information. Her lecture is, "Traditional meets Contemporary" A look at the Heritage of Traditional Quilts and their influence in Contemporary Design" . This promises to be an exceptional trunk and slide show. The workshop choice is " The Big Leaf: Using Freezer Paper Templates for design. The class will be held from 9 AM to 3 PM at the Methodist Church in Gorham . The cost of the class is $40.00.

Thinking of you card sent to Beth McMinn.

unshine to be spread? Marcy

Here's Clue #6.  Lisa Woodworth, 

Well, it is just a couple of months until our show. Thank you everyone who has been selling tickets. Sales, I think, are going well.
If you need more tickets see me or you haven't had a chance to pick up your share. Also, if you know of a spot to display the quilt and sell tickets, don't hesitate to see me. Thanks again. Joan Danaher 585-393-1956 or

Our first round is done or is close to being done. You will be adding borders to only 2 sides of the starter block you received. The border may be up to 6 inches. You will add squares and/or rectangles somewhere within this border. Please remember to square up and to jot down in the journal your thoughts, etc. Any questions: or Joan Danaher 585-393-1956.

We currently have 15 people signed up for this monthly exchange.

For the April exchange you will need to bring 15 purple strips. These should be 2 1/2" wide by the width of the fabric. Remember to wash and press your fabric prior to cutting. Buy good quality fabrics.

This is the final exchange for a few months. If you have any ideas for the next fabric exchange, please mark them down at the April Meeting. There will be a sheet on the table where we do the exchange. Your comments will be most welcomed!

If you have any questions, please call Mona Fox at (315-781-2222) or email at

2014 Quilters Travel Club Passports will be on sale at the next meeting for $5.00.  Enjoy a year filled with beautiful quilts and fun! At each show Travel Club Passport holders ONLY are eligible to win a special gift basket by the Quilt Guild or organization sponsoring the Show.  Visit 8 of the 15 shows and be entered to win one of two grand prize giant bags filled with quilters goodies sponsored by the participating businesses and QCNYS.  Visit 10 of the 15 shows and enter to win the super grand prize of a mini retreat at The Upstairs Inn at O'Susannah's Quilts in Watkins Glen.  See Gail Holmes at the meeting to purchase your Passport!

Dorothy Richardson  and Cathie Blackwell 

Thank You very much for the Baby Quilts turned in this past month. Cathie and I are bringing in a suitcase of fabric and the precut batting with backing. We ask that those who are willing please take home some fabric and batts, backing and labels. If your thing is to make tops please do and return top to be passed on for the finishing. My goal is to have all of the baby quilt donations out of Cathie's house by the end of summer. I am still looking for someone to help with this service project.

O Susannah’s Quilters Take NYC September 19 weekend has a second bus going and some space remains. Contact the shop to make a reservation – the deposit is due May 1. (submitted by Cheryl Jordan)


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