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June 2014

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Wed., June 4, 2014


Bring a Dish to Pass and your tableware.

Set Up:
Clean Up:

President Val Schultz

Past President
Mary Grimaldi

Vice President Sally Acomb
Secretary Florene Meredith
Treasurer Cheryl Jordan
Members-at Large
Kate Wylie
Caren Betlinski
Sunshine Marcie Williams
In House Programs
Gail Williams 
National Programs
Bobbi Beckhorn
Sally Kasulke
Newsletter Dawn Dennis 
QCNYS Delegate
Gail Holmes
Ann Hawkins

Jeanette Howe 
Historian Joy Lethbridge
Librarian Marie Peek 
Flo's Baby Quilts
Dorothy Richardson
Cathie Blackwell
Opportunity Quilt
*Insert Your Name Here* for

Raffle Ticket Sales and


Joan Danaher, Keeper of the Quilt 
Janet Wilhelm, Pattern 
Mystery Quilt Lisa Woodworth
Fabric Exchange Mona Fox

Secret Pal Gail Holmes

Round Robin Joan Danaher 

Quilt Show Ann Hawkins

Flo Meredith

Hats off to the Quilt Show Committee and the numerous volunteers who worked together to present a wonderful show! The layout and setting up went well, the quilts were beautiful and showed the multi-faceted talents of our membership, the vendors seemed ‘just right’ and Linda Hunter ‘s presentations were just the perfect addition to the show.

Those who were present at the drawing for the raffle quilt will remember that there was some question of whether we had reached the right person (hard to decipher if the phone number ended in 0303 or 0323). The good news is that we have a winner who is delighted - look for details from Joan Danaher, Keeper of the Quilt.

Please remember that June is the annual picnic – bring a dish to pass, your table setting and cold drink if you prefer that to tea and coffee. We will also hold a guild-wide garage sale that day – not sure you’ll ever use that pattern? Are you ready to part with a particular fabric/template/book/gizmo of uncertain usage? Bring it on – you might just find a buyer!
See you all in June,


Lake to Lake Agenda
9:00 AM Board meeting/starred items
10:00 AM Business meeting

  • Welcome

  • Guest/New Members

  • Minutes

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • VP - Quilting Tips, Bylaws

  • FQ Drawing

  • Committee Reports

  • Show & Tell

Meeting Etiquette
To further the enjoyment of everyone during Business Meetings and Programs, Lectures and Trunk Shows, please turn all cell phones OFF or set to VIBRATE. If you need to take a call please leave the meeting area for the duration of the conversation.

Also, please be considerate of others who wish to listen during the meeting by keeping personal conversations to a minimum.

Some of our members are sensitive to strong fragrances and would appreciate it if colognes would be foregone on meeting days.

Thank you to all who have prayed for Tim's surgery and sent good wishes for us. He went thru surgery fine and is glad to have it behind him. They took a bone graft from his hip and put it into the space between the two knuckles on the left hand ring finger. Dr. had been hoping that it would be able to be left in a bent position, but this was not able to happen. He will have a straight ring finger.

I promise now that I will get those darned By Laws done!

Thanks, Sally

Link to Minutes

Please click here for Meeting Minutes.

Figures are as of May 17, without any deposits from the quilt show.
Savings – 6408.50
Checking – 1534.90

May activity
Checks paid –
ARC of Yates – 27.00 for raffle tickets
Gorham Meth Church – 50.00 for rent
Marie Peek – 64.80 for books
Linda Hunter – 200.00 for lecture and bed turning at show

Deposits -
44.00 – Fat Quarter Raffle
50.00 – 2 new members
720.00 – Raffle quilt ticket sales
2.00 – battery purchase for clock

Cheryl Jordan

Thoughts and prayers are with all the our Penn Yan friends.
Sunshine to be spread? Marcy

THANKS TO THE QUILT SHOW VOLUNTEERS My list of thanks to everyone is long! We received so many compliments on the friendly reception that visitors to our quilt show received and so much more.  It is such a pleasure to work with each and every one of you - your willingness to step up and get things done throughout the show is what makes the show a success.  There were so many times that guild members would come and ask if there was anything they could help with or just see a job that was getting done and pitch in to help.  Linda Hunter noted that this was a guild that certainly worked well with each other and enjoyed her time with us appraising the quilts and giving us the lectures.  The director and staff of the Phelps Community Center are looking forward to seeing the Lake to Lake Quilt Guild again too!  Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone!!


If you missed Linda Hunter's lecture on Charm Squares - never fear - Flo Meredith will have extra copies of the handout for us at the Guild Meeting.  (Flo thinks of everything! A very heartfelt thank you to her - we could not have done everything without you!)


Raffle Bag Winners

The Kitchen Bag of Goodies:  Deb Baldwin

Laurel Burch Bag:  Nancy Gallagher

For the Birds Bag:  Mickie Hamilton

Bag of Sewing Goodies:  Noreen Bailey

NY Cheese and Wine Bag: Marcy Williams

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who donated to fill the bags.  And a special thank you to Dorothy Richardson for squeezing space out of a small living room to put these great bags together for us!  We raised $743.00 for our guild!!


MORE facts, compliments and figures at the June meeting!

Thanks again to everyone, you're all great! 

Ann Hawkins


SET-UP and TEAR DOWN: I want to thank everyone including my co chair Dawn Dennis for the outstanding cohesiveness and "Can Do" attitude when we set up the racks, the quilts, and the tear down. Things went really smoothly and you worked so hard. I know we all felt it the next day! The show was awesome. Keep up the good work.  Sally Acomb


QUILT ANGELS: Thank you to the Quilt Angels for your wonderful work. You were simply excellent in greeting and talking to all of our attendees and helping all over the building!  Bobbi Beckhorn


Since June is our annual picnic, and our June program has been moved to November, I thought if any of you are interested we could have “A Sit and Sew” after the picnic. So, if you are working on a quilt, or doing some embroidery or have something going on your knitting needles, whatever you are doing bring it to work on after the luncheon.

  • June - “A Sit and Sew”

  • July – Social Day, bring a project to sit and sew (a few sewing stations available) or join in on a “wire quilt” project at Ann Hawkins’ barn. Bring your lunch and a lawn chair.

  • August - Temari Class (Japanese Hand Ball) with Ann Hawkins

  • September - Open

  • October - Open

  • November - Mary Grimaldi is going to have a class on her sweet little dress towel

NATIONAL TEACHER - Bobbi Beckhorn and Sally Kasulke

National Teacher Karen Linduska will be coming to visit the Guild in October. Her trunk show lecture will be on Wed., October 1, 2014 following our regular meeting. She is a full time professional fiber artist with over 35 years of experience. Her specialty is decorative stitch thread painting using a sewing machine's built in "decorative stitches" . Her class will take place on Thursday, October 2, 2014 at the Methodist Church in Stanley from 9AM - 3PM. The class will be Decorative Stitch Thread Painting and we will announce the cost at the June meeting. Take a look at her websites and This looks like a fun class. We will begin signups at the June meeting.


Here's Clue #8  Lisa Woodworth, 

This border is done with quiet fabric/fabrics added to your piece of up to 3 inches.
Don't forget to square up and write in the journal. Joan Danaher 585-393-1956 or

Quilters Consortium of New York State website:

WOW - WOW !!  The duffle bag full of fat quarters and a few packages of batting received about 120 raffle tickets! Lake to Lake Quilt Guild sold a total of 70 Travel Club Passports (Show and Member sales).  The winner of the Duffle Bag of Fat Quarters was a local woman, Cheryl Wolkonowski.  She has been wanting to learn to quilt so bought a ticket promising that she would get started if she won!!  And she did.  Bobbi gave her our membership info and invited her to come to our guild. We hope to see quilts made by her soon!


A number of people attending Donna Strelow's Demo on Hand Quilting at the Quilt Show wanted the name of the marking pen she recommends!  It's a FriXion by Pilot, comes in a number of colors, cost is approximately $2.63 and it is available at Nancy's, Leroy's, Ivy Thimble and Sew Creative (and probably other places including the internet too).


This is the recipe "like" Best Press starch.
Mix together:
1 tsp scented essential oil (found in Walmart candle supplies aisle and they have lots of scents)

Note: scent is optional if allergic to scents.
3 oz. vodka (YES vodka) LOL (Hint: Vodka is made from potatoes , a natural starch.)
Add to 24oz distilled water in large spray bottle and shake well.
Add one drop of food color per gallon (optional)

Posted by Precious Treasures at Monday, September 26, 2011: My mom went and got the supplies for it today and she got linen scent and it smells so good! With all the ingredients it was under $15 to make 2 gallons and one small bottle of Best Press costs you that much! I love saving money with quilting :)

RIDE NEEDED: Are there any quilters in the Geneva, Border City area that would be willing to give me a ride to the meetings, so I can rejoin the guild? Spinal issues prevent me from driving a lot. Just attended the Quilt Show in Phelps. Good job!!! Not enough hand-quilted pieces.  Terry W. Boyd 

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