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August 2014

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Wed., August4, 2014

Set Up:
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President Val Schultz

Past President
Mary Grimaldi

Vice President Sally Acomb
Secretary Florene Meredith
Treasurer Cheryl Jordan
Members-at Large
Kate Wylie
Caren Betlinski
Sunshine Marcie Williams
In House Programs
Gail Williams 
National Programs
Bobbi Beckhorn
Sally Kasulke
Newsletter Dawn Dennis 
QCNYS Delegate
Gail Holmes
Ann Hawkins

Jeanette Howe 
Historian Joy Lethbridge
Librarian Marie Peek 
Flo's Baby Quilts
Dorothy Richardson
Cathie Blackwell
Opportunity Quilt
Joan Danaher, Keeper of the Quilt 
Mystery Quilt Lisa Woodworth
Fabric Exchange Mona Fox

Secret Pal Gail Holmes

Round Robin Joan Danaher 

Quilt Show Ann Hawkins

Flo Meredith

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee will present a slate of officers at the August meeting. At that time, nominations from the floor will be accepted. These results will then be published and presented at a vote at the next meeting. If anyone would like to be added to the slate, please e-mail, Jan Wilhelm, Chairman ; Gail Holmes , or Bobbi Beckhorn . Everyone is welcome and encouraged to run for an office. Thank you.

Many thanks to Ann Hawkins for hosting the July get together at her home. Although unable to attend – my chatty daughter was visiting for only a few days and I selfishly did not want to dilute that time with her – I understand everyone enjoyed the relaxed setting and purely social day.

You will see later in the newsletter that Cheryl, our Treasurer and resident super-sleuth, has found that NYS now has a different interpretation of raffle rules than in past years. This change can be beneficial to the guild and offers some ease to balancing the budget.

You are all aware that in moving the fiscal year end to December of this year we are trying to ‘stretch’ the budget over a longer period. We are also, given our small size and limited income, considering ways to minimize costs going forward while maximizing the benefits to members. Please take the time to consider this ongoing budget situation and what steps could be taken.

The board welcomes all your suggestions – and our Members at Large, Caren Betlinski and Kate Wylie, faithfully bring all suggestions to the monthly board meetings.


I hope you are enjoying your July. I have reviewed the By-Laws again recently and am working on the Nomination
Committee and Process which I hope to share with you soon. I do want you to read the following:

Lake to Lake Quilt Guild, Inc By – Laws
Article I NAME
This club shall be known as the Lake to Lake Quilt Guild, Inc., a Not for Profit 501 (c ) (4)corporation under the Federal IRS Code.
Reasoning: When we changed the by-laws for this article on June 5, 2013, it had been assumed that we were a 501(c) (3) corporation. We now know that we are listed as the above. This needs to be corrected.

As stated, this Article needs to be corrected since we now know that we are listed by the government as a 501 (c) (4) corporation. This publishing will be the first of the two
required before we vote to amend the By -Laws.
Thanks, Sally A.

Link to Minutes

Please click here for Meeting Minutes.


Checking Balance – 4642.68
Savings Balance – 6410.00
Click here for detailed report. (Please read - includes discussion of Raffle Rules, Donation for the Year, Library, Quilt Show Trailer Purchase, and Dues for 2015)

Click here for direct link to budget and other information (Webmistress Note: I'm hoping this will work - otherwise, the Treasurer will have copies at the meeting)

Sunshine to be spread? Marcy


  • August - Temari Class (Japanese Hand Ball) with Ann Hawkins (please let her know if you're interested)

  • September - Lisa Woodworth is going to be teaching a class on working with 10” squares and the churn dash block .  More information and necessary supplies as we get closer to this class.

  • October - Open

  • November - Mary Grimaldi is going to have a class on her sweet little dress towel

NATIONAL TEACHER - Bobbi Beckhorn and Sally Kasulke

National Teacher Karen Linduska will be coming to visit the Guild in October. Her trunk show lecture will be on Wed., October 1, 2014 following our regular meeting. She is a full time professional fiber artist with over 35 years of experience. Her specialty is decorative stitch thread painting using a sewing machine's built in "decorative stitches" . Her class will take place on Thursday, October 2, 2014 at the Methodist Church in Gorham from 9AM - 3PM. The class will be Decorative Stitch Thread Painting and the cost is $40.00 . Take a look at her websites and This looks like a fun class. The class is limited to 20 people so please contact Sally Kasulke or Bobbie Beckhorn if you wish to secure a spot in the class. Sally Kasulke 315-789-0479 and Bobbie Beckhorn cell: 607-592-0449

We're heading into the homestretch.  On this "round"  we will create a border that pulls the entire piece together.  The border may be up to 5" and the design is up to you.  It may be attached to one or more edges.  Then, please see me to find out who you will give the piece to for the final round due in September.  Any questions: Joan Danaher 585-393-1956 or

QBs is meeting twice in July. The first of them is coming up very soon, Wednesday, the 23rd, which is probably tomorrow by the time you get this. It is going to be basic as I have some beginners to work with, but the dye will be there for those that want to come. Then we will meet on the 30th of July for more dyeing and experimental stuff. The August date is the 27th and September's is the 24th.

Quilters Consortium of New York State website:

Ann Hawkins is stepping down as QCNYS Delegate for the upcoming year. If you're interested in becoming our Delegate and attending the Consortium meetings, reporting on the activities of Lake to Lake Quilt Guild and networking with other guilds, please let her know.


If you're interested in applying for a scholarship for a class or QBL, your delegate will have applications available in September.


Do you have something for sale?  Use this newsletter to let other quilters know about it!

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