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September 2014

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Wed., September 3, 2014

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President Val Schultz

Past President
Mary Grimaldi

Vice President Sally Acomb
Secretary Florene Meredith
Treasurer Cheryl Jordan
Members-at Large
Kate Wylie
Caren Betlinski
Sunshine Marcie Williams
In House Programs
Gail Williams 
National Programs
Bobbi Beckhorn
Sally Kasulke
Newsletter Dawn Dennis 
QCNYS Delegate
Gail Holmes
Bobbi Beckhorn

Jeanette Howe 
Historian Joy Lethbridge
Librarian Marie Peek 
Flo's Baby Quilts
Dorothy Richardson
Cathie Blackwell
Opportunity Quilt
Joan Danaher, Keeper of the Quilt 
Mystery Quilt Lisa Woodworth
Fabric Exchange Mona Fox

Secret Pal Gail Holmes

Round Robin Joan Danaher 

Quilt Show Position Open

Nomination Committee

The nominating committee announced the following names for the offices listed for the 2015-2016 term
President Sally Acomb
Vice President Flo Meridith
Secretary Dawn Dennis
Treasurer Cheryl Jordan
There were no nominations from the floor. The election will be in September.
Nominating Committee: Janet Wilhelm, Bobbi Beckhorn, Gail Holmes

Much as I hate repeating myself and any hint of ‘harping’ on an unpopular topic (wouldn’t we all rather just be quilting?) once again on behalf of all the officers and the supporting board members:


We are asking that all members spend some time considering ways that the guild can augment our annual income.  It would be helpful as well to further minimize our expenses although we are not a guild given to frivolous expenditures. 


In the past year or so we have made both large and small changes that directly affect our budget:

·         Reduced coffee expenses by using more instant coffees and making only small pots

·         Holding in- house workshops on the regular meeting day rather than the 3rd Wednesday

·         Moved the quilt show to a much less expensive venue

·         Implemented an oversight/authorization system for reimbursement to members for guild related expenses – while this does not reduce expense it provides a continual awareness to each of the officers of when and how funds are being spent

·         Actively opened workshops to non-members – this has been a wonderful success, not only financially but also providing the opportunity to meet members of other local guilds and even a few ladies from Canada

·         Sale of postcards at show


We have also benefitted financially from the generosity of the membership and officers:

·         Donations of fat quarters for the monthly raffle over the past nine months

·         No fee for quilting services for the raffle quilt

·         Donation of raffle bags and contents at the show

·         Donations of the wonderful flowers used as show favors

·         A noticeable lack of reimbursement requests for printing/postage needs


We have received a few suggestions – making an annual raffle quilt, holding an annual bazaar, hosting a purse/tote sale – and are looking for other ideas as well so they can be evaluated collectively. One thing we would dearly like to avoid is a general dues increase but it should remain a consideration.  


The board welcomes all your suggestions – and our Members at Large, Caren Betlinski and Kate Wylie, faithfully bring all suggestions to the monthly board meetings.  


Suggestions may be dropped into the suggestion box on meeting day or emailed to both Caren and Kate in advance of the meeting day.


Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions, Val

We will vote on amending Article I to change the current wording of 501 (c)3 to 501(c)4 to bring the guild paperwork into compliance with what our guild actually is. Please be looking for another email through our Yahoo group as I will send out a rough draft on a couple of other Articles soon. I am working on the final touches to the nomination part of the by-laws. Any and all input is appreciated.

Lake to Lake Quilt Guild, Inc By – Laws
Article I NAME
This club shall be known as the Lake to Lake Quilt Guild, Inc., a Not for Profit 501 (c ) (4)corporation under the Federal IRS Code.
Reasoning: When we changed the by-laws for this article on June 5, 2013, it had been assumed that we were a 501(c) (3) corporation. We now know that we are listed as the above. This needs to be corrected.
Thanks, Sally A.

Link to Minutes

Please click here for Meeting Minutes.

Savings - 6410.09
Checking – 4144.70
Click here for detailed report.

Sunshine to be spread? Marcy


  • September – Lisa Woodworth – Two-At-A-Time Churn Dash From 10” Squares
    Supplies Needed:
    At least two contrasting 10” squares of fabric
    Revolving rotary mat or small mat that you can turn and is bigger than the 10” squares
    Rotary cutting ruler, at least 4” wide and 18” long
    Squaring-up ruler, at least 4” square with a diagonal line
    You do not need to bring a sewing machine

  • October - No program

  • November – A trunk show with Karen Miller – her focus will be on her appliqué work being featured on the online Mode Bake Shop Her website: Her blog:  

  • December - Christmas Party

Due to the fact that Karen Miller was only available to meet with us in November, Mary Grimaldi has kindly offered to move her class on the little dress towel to sometime in the new year.


NATIONAL TEACHER - Bobbi Beckhorn and Sally Kasulke

National Teacher Karen Linduska will be coming to visit the Guild in October. Her trunk show lecture will be on Wed., October 1, 2014 following our regular meeting. She is a full time professional fiber artist with over 35 years of experience. Her specialty is decorative stitch thread painting using a sewing machine's built in "decorative stitches" . Her class will take place on Thursday, October 2, 2014 at the Methodist Church in Gorham from 9AM - 3PM. The class will be Decorative Stitch Thread Painting and the cost is $40.00 . Take a look at her websites and This looks like a fun class. The class is limited to 20 people so please contact Sally Kasulke or Bobbie Beckhorn if you wish to secure a spot in the class. Sally Kasulke 315-789-0479 and Bobbie Beckhorn cell: 607-592-0449

Once again we will be enjoying another round of fabric exchanges. The next six months will be an exchange of 2-1/2 inch strips of batik fabric cut the width of the fabric. All fabric should be washed and pressed prior to cutting the strips. You will need to have (21) twenty-one strips. This will require approximately one and one-half yards of fabric. I usually get two yards and have a little extra for my own use. If you cannot bring your strips to the meeting, please arrange to have someone else bring them. If that doesn't work, be sure to bring them to the next meeting.

The following will be the selections for each month:
September - Yellow
October - Light to Dark Purple
November - Any shade of bright green
December - Pebbles and Sand Colors
January - Aqua or Blue
February - Any Color with contrasting bright markings

If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to get me a call or send an email to 
Mona Fox (315) 781-2222.

QBs dye sessions are meeting Wed., August 20th at Ann's Barns and Wed., Aug. 27th at Camp in the Woods. Anybody may come and do low water dyeing, ice dyeing, dye painting or wax batik. If you need directions, supply lists and so on, contact Ann Hawkins or Marie Peek: ( or 607-776-1561). Fabric will be available for sale and there are small fees for supplies.

Secret Pals are about to start a new year. If you would like to participate but didn't return form please let me know. If I don't hear from anyone by 9/1 I will be mailing out ones I have. Any questions please call or e-mail me. Thanks, Gail Holmes

Quilters Consortium of New York State website:

If you're interested in applying for a scholarship for a class or QBL, please visit and print the form and give it to your delegate to turn in at the September meeting.

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